Imagine a world without art. It would be grey and lifeless. Only when the flowers of culture flourish does our world become bright and colourful. Culture and art help us to enjoy fulfilling lives and nurture the virtues of goodness. True art and culture seek to reach out, touch, communicate and bring people together. Those who truly appreciate culture are people who can foster a shared understanding and maintain a sense of gratitude and respect for others.

Since its opening in 2001, WKSGM has hosted over 500 different events including exhibitions, concerts, lectures, and seminars. Most of these events were co-organised through close cooperation with other partners such as foreign embassies, artists, and cultural organisations from Malaysia and abroad.

The Soka Art and Culture movement aims to:

  • Deepen mutual understanding and friendship among peoples and nations by promoting art and cultural exchanges that transcend differences of nationality, race, and language.
  • Encourage the development of cultural and art appreciation among ordinary people that will contribute to the deepening of the human spirit.
  • Contribute to a flourishing of culture and art by cultivating appreciation among young people via various educational programmes.

The Soka Art and Culture Movement is one of the community initiatives of Soka Gakkai Malaysia.